Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Vacation: Week 2

This week has been busy but we are in our groove and having fun.

Lauren and Tyler spend the mornings at Clay Camp while I take whatever group fitness class is offered at the Y.  Clay Camp is offered by the elementary school art teacher at her house and L and T are loving it.  Even Tyler (the hesitant clay camper) says, "It's way more fun than going to [the child-care at] the gym!"  Tomorrow is the last day of camp and they were instructed to wear very old clothes for some good old fashioned splatter painting.

After camp we have a few hours before Swim Lessons.

Some days we hit the neighborhood pool:

--some days it's only nice for 5 minutes before a spring storm comes barreling through--
Us Moms were chatting under the umbrella and the kids didn't mind some
Swimmin' in the Rain
so we rode out the storm.
(don't worry it wasn't a thunderstorm)

 Other days we use up all our screen time and then entertain ourselves the old fashion way:

Reading American Girl Doll Books
(she's on book #3 in the Rebecca series)
((thank you Public Library for having the AG books, otherwise her reading habit would cost me a fortune))

because he can't read and apparently has no toys he likes to play with.

Everyday we wish Daddy were home because he does cool things like "the acrobat."
(but he's working out of town this week)

Finally, it's time for Swim Lessons.  I don't have any pictures yet, but it's absolutely amazing how much the kiddos have improved since their first lesson on Monday!  Lauren is already swimming the length of the (lap) pool and Tyler is swimming underwater on his own.  Both can float on their backs and Lauren can even swim a decent looking back stroke and is working on her front stroke.  This is a 100,000% improvement since last week (before their first lesson.)  Many thanks to their teachers Miss Robin (T's beginner class) and Mr. Cody (L's advanced beginner class.)  I guess it was really time to get them some official lessons.

Back home it's dinner and then family time before bed.  Dinner was Lauren's favorite:  Buffalo Chicken (Breast), corn, applesauce and buttery noodles.  Everyone cleaned their (spicy) plate.

Tonight we watched a movie.

Here they are all snuggled in for the show.
(whoa, look how messy my house is...
pretend you didn't see that)

There...that's better.
All snuggled in.

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into our 2nd week of Summer Vacation.  With only 8 weeks to do so we're trying to get as much into this summer as we can.

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Anonymous said...

Your house always looks like the 2nd picture! Grandma Jan