Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Little "Kit"

Lauren sure loves to read!!
This is a good thing because at the kiddos last "Well Visit" their pediatrician recommended they do only ONE HOUR of screen time per day.  This includes DSi, Computer games, Wii, iPad, TV etc. etc.

***If you were wondering about the "Well Visit:"
Tyler, for his age, is in the 85%-tile for for height and 84% for weight.  He's a solid tough guy!  Doc says he should be 6' 1".
Lauren, for her age, is in the 66%-tile for height and 50% for weight.  She's going to be long and every girl's dream, right?!  Doc predicts she'll be 5' 6".***

So with only ONE HOUR of screen time to work with AND being out of school all day long, the first couple days of Summer Vacation were hard to deal with.  

"There's nothing to do.  I'm bored."
"I just want to do a SCREEN TIME!"
"I have nothing to play with and NO, I don't want to clean!!"

It was almost enough to drive a stay-at-home-Mom to allow flagrant screen time.  But instead, I persevered  and implemented a "morning work" assignment.  Now, when they wake up L and T must do their morning work. (Draw a picture of whatever I leave out and (L) write 4 sentences about the picture or (Tyler) write one of his sight words.)  Then they can do their first 20 minute screen time.  After that they play or READ BOOKS.

Tyler loves to play with his legos and draw pictures and 
Lauren sure loves to read!!

She recently finished the American Girl Kit Kittrege series.  She LOVED them!  
She loved them so much she got her hair cut to resemble Kit. 

She's now working on the McKenna books.  

She read them to and from the Braves game last night.  I'm surprised she's able to read in the car because I always feel carsick when I read.

Maybe the thought of Turner Field Pizza helped.

Or maybe she knew the Braves would beat the Cards 10-7!

Regardless, We sure love our little "Kit."

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Anonymous said...

Love Lauren's hair! Or I mean "Little Kit". I'm so glad she likes to read. I pick up my Kindle any chance I get to read. Always take it to appointments to pass the time. Just in case Matt forgets to mention it, I am having an endoscopy procedure on Monday. I'm still not feeling better!! He has details. Grandma Jan