Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tyler Rocks!

My baby boy graduated from Kindergarten last week.
(where does the time go?!)
To celebrate, the four Kindergarten classes sang some songs.
Including "Down by the Bay"
So Cute!

Matt tried to shake T's hand on his way out of the cafeteria but Tyler just couldn't break the rule (to stay in line.)

The Kindergarten awards were then given out in the classroom.  Tyler received a TON!
Good Attendance, multiple Reading Awards, AND...
the lucrative Good Citizen Award.
(the classmates all voted for the best male "Citizen" and best female "Citizen.")
Way to go Tyler!  We are so proud!

Tyler with his teachers Ms. Karen and Mrs. Thomas

Tyler (aka Mr. Good Citizen) Rocks!
1st Grade...Bring it On!

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