Friday, May 25, 2012

Last Day of School 2012

Remember my little girl and little boy I sent off to school last August?

Well, their taller and older looking clones celebrated their last day of school today.
(last day of Kindergarten or 2nd grade depending on which clone you are looking at.)
I can't believe how fast they grow
...especially since I don't age at all myself.

Thinking about 3rd grade is already making Lauren "wacko."

And Tyler is promising to keep it 'real' (comfortable) in 1st grade by wearing his signature sweatpants regardless of the temperature.
(low 90s today)

I'm so glad I get to spend the summer with these precious and I-can't-believe-how-fast-they-grow-and-why-won't-they-just-stay-little darling children of mine.

School's out for the Summer! 

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