Friday, May 25, 2012

Lauren's Awards

Last Monday Lauren had her 2nd Grade Honors Program.

I seriously teared up saying good-bye to Lauren's teacher, Mrs. B.

She is Amazing.
I even wrote a letter to the principal saying just how amazing I think she is.

During the program, Lauren was awarded a number of prestigious awards.
*All A's in all subjects.
*Good Attendance (absent 3 days or less)
*Outstanding Cub Character (never pulled a stick)
*Accelerated Reader, 39 pts.  (fyi:  the top reader in the class received 179 points...which is CrAzY good!! (and at the 7th grade level)  way to go Pete!)
*Six Flags Six Hours of Reading (includes a free ticket to Six Flags!)
*Pizza Hut Book-It (one free pizza every month from Pizza-Hut)

She also received a couple of very special awards:
*Mrs. B's "Don't Push the Panic Button" Award for "having patience and waiting for Mrs. B to finish talking before she asks her urgent questions."  (including the time she needed to go to the bathroom but waited to ask until she was in tears, and also the time she felt sick and urgently needed the bathroom but tried (tried!) to wait until Mrs. B stopped talking.)


*the coveted Citizenship Certificate.  She was voted "best citizen" by her classmates "in recognition of exemplary behavior and valuable service."  They voted for one girl and one boy and they chose Lauren as their girl.  I'm so proud of her. (and also my boy if you do recall but I don't want to brag!)

After the awards were handed out we took to taking photos.

-some of Mrs. B's 2nd grade girls-
(missing three)

Lauren's 2nd Grade Class

 What a great group of kids.
As much as I don't want them to grow up I'm equally interested to see what they all become.
The next generation has some good things a'coming.

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