Saturday, May 26, 2012

How do I love thee?

I don't remember exactly how it came up in conversation but at one point this evening Tyler laughingly asked me,
"Momma, why do you love me so much?"

Well Tyler, let me count the ways.

**  You pretend you don't like my kisses or snuggles but you subconsciously rub my arm sometimes when you talk to me (especially when we are sitting at the kitchen table.)

**  You still pronounce the "ed" on a lot of your past tense words.  i.e. digg-ed, watch-ed, beat-ed, etc. etc. (It pains me to correct you.)

**  You don't always want to sit on my lap when we watch movies but if Lauren decides she does then you tearfully let me know you actually did want my lap.   (It happened today when we watched our movie.)

**  You refuse to wear jeans or khakis or any type of pants without an elastic waist to school except when I make you for "picture day."  They are just too uncomfortable.

**  You come home from school and immediately use the bathroom to take your underwear off because they are also too uncomfortable.  (I thank you for always leaving them in the laundry room instead of on the bathroom floor.)


 **  You are kind, smart, handsome, and helpful.  You are a people-pleaser (who will make your lucky future wife VERY happy someday.)  You are light-hearted and you like to laugh at yourself as well as others.

So Tyler, I ask you this:

 "What's Not to Love?!"

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