Monday, May 28, 2012

First Saturday of Summer Vacay

First Saturday of Summer Vacay
(aka: the day I wore my kids O-U-T)

Saturday morning started off pretty mellow playing with our friends Tera and big Tyler.
I read from L and T's Pre-K memory books.
 Remember when Lauren used to draw people with Mickey Mouse ears?!  =)
Soon Tyler got bored and took a leaping jump to start off the day.

That afternoon we went swimming...for the whole entire afternoon.
It was a blast.  Fun, Hot, Tiring, and Refreshing.

After the pool we showered up and headed out to dinner.
Lauren has been craving buttery noodles and we knew Mama Lucia's would not disappoint.

Ready to go!
(I got them to smile for the top picture by yelling out "butt cheeks")
(and no, I'm not always impressed with myself) 
Dinner was pleasant enough but L and T were worn out.
Lauren fell asleep on the way to the restaurant but woke up to read her American Girl "Kit" book but poor Tyler just laid his head down and asked to go to bed.

They behaved so well at the restaurant.  They did not argue, fight or break any rule what-so-ever.  So even though they pretty much slept through the entire meal I decided to pull out the old "positive reinforcement" tactic and rewarded them with an additional screen time for the next day.
(additional screen time = 20 extra minutes on the computer/DS/iPad or TV)

After that we took our buttery noodles to go and we were all in bed by 9 o'clock.

Now I know the pool is a secret weapon to get the kiddos into bed early every night.
Stay tuned for more pool pictures All Summer Long!  

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend.

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brian said...

Looks like T shouldn't of had that extra glass of wine at dinner.