Friday, May 4, 2012

Final Door Decoration

 After school today the kids and I decorated Lauren's teacher's door for Teacher Appreciation Week.
Mrs. B's favorite sport is College Football (mine too!)
and her favorite team (bless her heart) is the Crimson Tide.

Lauren in front of her decorated classroom door.

I printed out the SEC mascots (and a couple of others) and laminated them.  Then I attached a Velcro strip to the backs so the kids could change the "Best Team Ever" to whichever SEC+ team they like.
I also printed out little football dudes/dudettes and typed the classmates names under them.
It's always fun to see your name on a poster, right?

When I finished I naturally attached the Oregon picture inside the "Best Team Ever" football but both Lauren and Tyler made me change it to Georgia.
I'm not sure what's happening here but I'm going to have to do some hardline discipline to remind Lauren and Tyler that they bleed green and yellow and they will Always...Always! cheer for the Ducks.  =)

Now before you get all teary-eyed thinking I'm the most creative and awesome person on the planet...  (JoKiNg!)

...Please know I had some help with my Crimson Tide football field.
(from the artist in the family)

I really hope Mrs. B likes it but more importantly I hope she knows how much we all appreciate her.


brian said...

Great idea and nice work. However I see you forgot a team... BEAVER NATION

Christine said...

Oh my mistake. I wasn't sure but do the Beavs still have a football team? lol!

brian said...

It's OK, you're not the only one that forgot we had a team. Jeffrey Maehl forgot we had one after this...

Anonymous said...

It was your idea, Very clever. Matt just added his flare! I'm sure the teacher was so impressed! Grandma Jan