Friday, June 8, 2012

Guest Post - Lauren

Lauren really wanted to write her very own blog post.  She actually requested her own blog but I thought she should practice with a guest post on the family blog.  So without further adieu I present my daughter Lauren.

Hi this is Lauren.  This is about my Yoshi he can fly and he likes to eat everything.  My Yoshi is green with orange shoes.  The bottoms of the shoes are yellow.  Yoshi has a big nose and has a red shell on his back.  Yoshi is a dinosaur.  Now you know all about Yoshi.   Look at these pictures to now even more about Yoshi.  



Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren, Grandpa and I really liked your blog post about Yoshi the dinosaur! And your video with Tyler was also very good. We couldn't believe that you really hypnotized your brother or maybe he was just a very good actor and laid very still. Good going you two!! Love, Grandma Jan and Grandpa Michael

brian said...

That's a good looking Yoshi. My favorite Mario Kart character is D.K.