Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ahhh Vacation

26 Photos of Vacation!

Ahhh Vacation.

This was only a half vacation because Matt was attending a conference but he was able to enjoy himself when the work was done.

Since Matt was already in Florida on business the kids and I loaded up the Denali and made the tri-state and 5 1/2 hour drive from Georgia to Miramar Beach, Florida.

And We're Off!
(It's okay to take photos and drive when you're in your own neighborhood right?)

Lunch in Eufala, AL

If you haven't been to Alabama here's the view from the 431.
(Is it okay to take photos and drive in sweet home Alabama?)

After a super pleasant and uneventful road trip we finally made it to our condo in the Majestic Sun.

I love hotel rooms and especially two bedroom condos.  I'm also a dork because I like to take pictures of them.  I don't normally post the pictures on the blog but just in case you're a dork like me I included them just for you.

A tour of Majestic Sun 0713A

from the front door looking in 

first door on the right
kids bedroom

kids bathroom

2nd door on the right
another view of the kids bathroom


living area with a balcony

master bedroom also with access to the balcony!

master bath

view of master bedroom from the balcony

view of the living area from the balcony

the balcony looking South

the balcony looking West

We had a great time on vacation.  It was fun and exciting but also pretty darn relaxing which is what we like best.

We spent a lot of time in the Gulf of Mexico...

in the swimming pool...

on the balcony of the condo...

watching traffic back up on the beach access road after a wreck on the main road...

being goofy and gross...

riding jet skis after anchoring our boat on crab island...

and winning some sweet prizes at the Tappi Pool Party including the Explorer 100 seen in the picture below.

Super Stud!

After such an exciting week why wouldn't the Super Stud be Super Tired on the drive home?!

I hope you enjoyed these 26 pictures of our Miramar Beach vacation.

Now we start the 26 day countdown to our next vacation.
Viva Quebec, Canada
(how do you say Viva in French?)


Gloria said...

Your vacation looks absolutely wonderful. So glad you had a good time. The nerd in me thanks you for the condo pics - I could totally live there.

Anonymous said...

What a great vacation. Looks like fun. Someday, we will stay at the Majestic Sun! Grandma Jan

Anonymous said...

Whoops, I meant to comment on Tyler's photo asleep in the car. That is priceless. When he is a teenager, you will have great bargaining material. Grandma Jan