Thursday, July 5, 2012

It Don't Stink

Apparently I have no filter when it comes to my blog.  Today we are talking about our Septic Tank.  For you inner city folk please disregard this post, you don't need to know about no Septic Tanks.

For the rest of you go ahead and get it pumped before we did.

Our house was built in 2004 and we moved in October of 2005.
July 3, 2012 (7 years later) we decided it might be time to have it pumped.

We were quoted $300 but upon discovery (of stuff I won't mention) the price went up to $575.
Mr. Septic Tank Pumper suggested we have it pumped every 4 years as recommended.

I told him "fine" but had him answer one question for me.
I asked him to clarify my assumption that our *stuff* doesn't smell as bad as most people's.

And he smiled at me.
I believe it was a knowing and affirmative smile.

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brian said...

A couple Georgia natives sang a song about this...