Thursday, July 12, 2012

So Long, Farewell

Auf Wiedersehen, good-bye.

Our good friends Dave and Susan just moved away 
and now two more family friends are up and leaving.

The moving vans just pulled out of Emma's house (our next door neighbor.)
Her and her family have been wonderful neighbors and a godsend at times.
(Emma's Mom is an exceptionally talented nurse and has come to our rescue many, many times.)

They were our first friends when we moved to Georgia.

Look at those babies!!

Shep and Emma celebrated Lauren's 2nd birthday with us.
(I was still pregnant with Tyler.)

I'm sad they are leaving our neighborhood but at least they are not going far.
Lauren and Emma will still go to the same school.

While the moving vans were loading we got to spend the day with Emma.
(They still look about the same don't they?!)

Heart made with fingers = Good friends for life.

We also said FAREWELL to Teddy and his family.
They are moving to Indiana and Teddy requested a spectacular Going Away Party!
It did not disappoint.

There was pizza, cake, an epic water fight (which I didn't dare bring my camera into the midst) and
Face Painting!
Tyler went first.


Lauren's turn

Lauren the Puppy

Little Nick was in awe of the "pretty puppy."

Karlie and Tyler made their own goody bags.

Finally, they all settled down to take the group shot.
What a good looking group.

I hate to go and leave this pretty sight
 I wish all our friends the best in their next adventures.


Jennifer Biery said...

I think your good friends and neighbors moving away is a sign that it is time for you all to move back to the WEST:)

brian said...


brian said...

Hello, Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home?