Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weekly Menu 9/17/12

Monday:  Rice Noodles with Chicken & Lime  (I thought it was good, Matt wasn't too impressed and Lauren wanted to know what that awful smell was in the kitchen.)  
Tuesday:  Vegetable Turnovers & steamed red potatoes & sliced apples  (everyone loved the veggie turnovers!  easy and yummy...I'll make them again.)
Wednesday:  Chicken Piccata & Cauliflower Rice & garlic toast  (The Chicken Piccata was awesome and the Cauliflower Rice surprisingly went over very well.  I won't say it's a direct substitute for rice but if you add butter and salt I think it tastes just fine.  Lauren ate all of hers and Tyler had no problem taking a few bites.  Riced Cauliflower just may make a repeat performance in our house.)
Friday:  Dixieland Pork Chops, boxed Mac and Cheese (requested by Tyler,) apple slices
Saturday:  Boy Scout Camp-out (wish us luck!)
Sunday:  pantry meal or left-overs

It doesn't feel right to only post a Weekly Menu.  I think I'll feel better once I post a photo.

Chloe the Cat
finding some refuge since her living room was torn apart while I was shampooing the carpet.

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Gloria said...

I can't wait to try the cauliflower rice. That would fit right in on my diet. Tell Lauren not to complain about smells from the kitchen - at least her Mom cooks every night.