Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lakeside Labor Day

We spent Labor Day at Tellico Lake in Loudon, Tennessee.
Our friend Dave (Troy's Dad) invited us to his parent's house for the holiday.
Their house is amazing and Right On The Lake.

(their house as seen by the lake)

We spent our time swimming and sliding by the dock...

...taking the boat for a spin...

(awesome boat hair!)

...swimming in the middle of the lake...

 ...jet-skiing with Daddy...

(look close: Daddy, Lauren & Tyler!)

 ...and hanging on for dear life behind the boat.
This was the first time L and T went tubing.  They did fine but I was a mess.  My babies (who hold my beating heart) were way out of arm's reach.  I can't even explain how nervous I felt knowing that if they were to fly off I wouldn't be able to catch them.  I kept an awesome smile on my face for their sake but I was grasping for them on the inside.  
Typical Mother, right?

Tyler woke up on Sunday looking like this...

...but looked like this by the afternoon.
(How appropriate that ninja Lauren is in the background;
Tyler claims his sister kicked his other tooth out.)

the ever-changing smile of my 6-year-old boy

Well, I'm sure you were wondering and let me ease your mind.
Yes, they did find plenty of time to play Minecraft.  They even got Troy playing Minecraft.
(sorry Dave)

(playing in the super spacious basement on the poker table)

(playing on the basement stairs leading to the main floor)

We had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and our hosts were absolutely the best.  I can't believe I didn't think to get a picture with them.  They were so gracious that I'd like to claim them as L and T's adoptive nearby grandparents.  
They said to come back anytime so I'll just assume they're fine with that.

I hope y'all had an enjoyable labor-free Labor Day and best wishes to everyone who heads back to school/work this week.

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Gloria said...

Wow - looks like an awesome holiday weekend. Glad you got away for a little R & R.