Wednesday, September 5, 2012

early Christmas Wish Lists

I do not have permission to post their lists yet
(I'm not even supposed to look at them.)
but I thought I would anyway.
(don't tell!)
I think it's cute and I assume you all need ample time to Christmas shop for my sweet children.  =)

(all of which came from the American Girl Doll magazines, July and September 2012)

(Minecraft and only Minecraft) 
 (I will attempt to transcribe.)

Wish List
Minecraft Lego

Minecraft and Full diamond armor.

Minecraft - a chest. atnt???

Minecraft - a bow and arrow

Minecraft and - a enchanted sword.

Let the shopping begin.  (Good luck with Tyler's stuff!)  =)


kilipohi said...

Your kids are early starters for their list. I wanted to guess on your sons list, even though I know nothing about minecraft. My guess is that "atnt" is actually a tent.

Anonymous said...

According to Tyler "atnt" is "a tnt", aka trinitrotoluene the explosive. He also said that maybe they make a stuffed tnt or a pretend tnt. See this link


brian said...

Last year he wanted a bomb. This year he wants TNT. My money is on him wanting a Nuke next year.

Christine said...

That's my boy!

Christine said...

Minecraft TNT template can be found here: