Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fun with Chloe

In addition to having some Fun with Chloe
we've been enjoying some Yarn Crafts.

God's Eye popsicle stick crosses
Fork Weaving Pom Poms

(Did you happen to see that recent Sports Illustrated magazine with my Oregon Ducks on the cover?!!!)

Lauren and I each made a Pom Pom or two.
I tied mine to a pen and she tied hers to a crafting stick.
Then she added some shakes of catnip and let Chloe go crazy.

Another day Lauren and I were playing Barbies.
Chloe decided she wanted to play too so she made herself at home.

Even after we evicted her she didn't go far.
(Doesn't Lauren look so old in this picture?)

Today we topped it all with the "Cat Olympics."
The kids built a fortress for Chloe and then lured her inside with a packet of catnip.

They all cracked up while Chloe did her catnip dance.

It was all great fun until Chloe decided she was DONE.
She busted out and ran upstairs, not to be seen again
....until she wants to.

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Gloria said...

Do I really count 10 Barbies(and/or Ken's) in the picture with Lauren playing? Back in the day I had one and played many hours with my girlfriend Leona, who had one. Fun times - good memories.