Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Camper

I received a postcard from Tyler today.
It TOTALLY made my day!
I have gone over it with a Mother's eye and I will type it out for you:
"Camp.  I love camp it is the best.
I just got back from sock war.  Can you give me a card back[?]
I love camp winshape but I have a bit of sad at rest time.
And I love the bible.  I still love my bed and I play kickball.

                        to mommy
                        from Tyler"
Oh my goodness I love that child!

Here are the latest pictures from camp.

swimming like a fish

(T is in the solid green t-shirt with the camo pants)

I love this pic!
Everyone is having FUN.
 T is definitely one Happy Camper!

 The only thing missing is more pictures of Lauren.
 I want to be reassured that she is a Happy Camper as well.

I did spot this one today on the Winshape website.
Do you see her?!  =)

I have a feeling Lauren will be in more pictures tomorrow.
I can't wait.

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