Sunday, July 14, 2013

Camp Winshape 2013

Nine Months Ago
we signed Lauren and Tyler up for Camp Winshape.
(The most awesome over-night camp around...from what I hear.)
Tyler for one week and Lauren for TWO weeks.

Knowing I had so much time to plan and prepare I of course, put it off until a week ago.
(If it weren't for the last minute I would not get anything done.)

We suddenly found ourselves in Camp Winshape Boot-camp.

First up:  Hair Cut
Lauren's hair is impossible to comb out without an outright fit.  
Since she'd be combing it out herself at camp, we both thought it would be a good idea to cut it down to a manageable length.

Lauren's first fancy salon hair-cut.

After Miss Brittany finished chopping SIX inches off L's hair, she did up some very cute french braids.
(which I did not get a picture of)

Here you can see the waves left behind when Lauren took them out that night.
(Cute Cute Cute)

Next up: was to pack up pretty much everything they owned.
Somehow I fit it all into two duffel bags each.

Finally: Today was the day.
We made our way to Camp Winshape.

We settled Lauren in first.  Her home for the next two weeks is in the Chippewa "CABIN." Which is a beautiful large building about six or so large rooms each having their own bathroom.  In her room she has five other roommates and one counselor.  

We made up her bottom bunk bed, put her clothes away, checked out the bathroom and then Lauren broke down in tears.
She had been blinking back tears and nerves for awhile so I knew it would happen.
Matt and I thought it was best to quickly say our good-byes and let her get adjusted.

I quickly texted a friend who's daughter is in the same room and luckily she was able to snap a couple of pics for me.

She's already settled down and I know she's going to enjoy the summer of a lifetime.

Next stop was Tyler's "CABIN"
We got his bed made and put his clothes away.
He adjusted quickly.  In fact, he settled right in and was pretty much done with us.

It holds enough beds for FOURTEEN campers and FOUR counselors.

He's going to have a blast.

The ride home was QUIET.
We were missing some key components to the back-seat.

Although we miss the kiddos, we took advantage and went on a dinner date.
My Man.
(almost GQ, no?)

Here's to lifetime memories!

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