Friday, July 5, 2013

July 4, 2013 - Happy Independence Day

We are used to Super Exciting July 4th Festivities.
(as witnessed HERE)

However, the weather has been despicable for the last few days.
...thunderstorms and flash flood warnings...
It got so bad that the local 4th of July parades and fireworks were cancelled the night before!

It was looking to be a pretty depressing FOURTH OF JULY.

But then we started texting.

My friend Tammy and I texted each other to see what we were up to.
We came up with the great idea to head to the mall to hang out and see Despicable Me 2.
The mall and movie theater was packed (thanks to the drippy weather) but we arrived early and had the best seats in the house.
The movie was really cute.  Matt thought it was better than Monsters University but I thought it was just as good.

While we were at the mall Matt started texting with our neighbor.
He had previously invited us to a cook-out but we wanted to make sure it was still "on" despite the weather.
"On" it was so after the movie we all headed over to their house for a delicious dinner and a spectacular (BEST IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD) fireworks display.

The weather magically cleared up (stopped down-pouring) after dinner and allowed us to loudly celebrate the country's birthday.

We all sat up by the house and watched while Matt and neighbor, Mr. Dave risked life and limb launching the best Fireworks in the Neighborhood...and possibly of all the nearby cities.

warming up

the kids are ready
(photo credit: my iPhone in the pitch black night)

Up, Up...

and AWAY!!

 Matt told me he bought these fireworks at a Walmart but I'm not sure I believe him.
 The fireworks were awesome, the food was awesome, but the day long company was the most awesomest of all.

I thoroughly enjoyed our FOURTH OF JULY Festivities! Despite the weather, this year did not disappoint.

But alas, the night was not quite over when we got home.
Matt received a text asking if he wanted to play poker at another house in the neighborhood.

He went to play poker so I got to let this cute little guy fall asleep on Matt's side of my bed.

 Happy Independence Day!

P.S.  What's a post without a pic of Romy and Chloe's progressing relationship?  Look how close they are getting.

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