Sunday, July 21, 2013

Archery Skills

While running errands today we stopped by the new Academy Sports store which opened two days ago.

We checked out the entire store.
We all found some new workout clothes but once Tyler spotted the archery section it was all over.
He told us all about how he loved the archery skills he learned at Camp Winshape and how he would love to have his own set.
'Nuff said
(If our boy expresses interest in a sport we're going for it!) 

Back at home it was Archery 101!
~lots of fun~

Speaking of Camp Winshape and having are a couple of pictures from the Winshape website.

Lauren and her counselor

Lauren with a genuine smile.
My girl is having fun!

Today marks one whole week at camp for Lauren.  Five more nights and we pick her up.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Tyler will end up being a true southern hunting man. Who is that stud in the red shirt?