Thursday, July 18, 2013

So today my friend and I....

 So today my friend Tammy and I did some shopping in Atlanta.
We hit a bunch of stores and had a great time...
 but who's kidding who?
You (by you I mean all four of you family members who read this and lately don't comment) really came here to see more pictures of the kids at Camp Winshape.

So let the photo onslaught begin.

As I predicted, Lauren was in a lot more photos posted by the camp today.

Here she is HAPPY! while at a camp-out.
I'm sure she's making friends for life with her cabin- and now tent-mates. 

Next up are photos from Junior Skills.
Before camp she got to sign up for 9 different skills she wanted to focus on.
She chose mostly art related activities which is her forte.

Here she is making melty crayon art.

patience is key

So deep is her concentration, I'm sure she didn't even notice the camera. =)
(I miss my sweet girl!) 

While going through the pictures posted on the camp website I normally browse through them looking for a short haired blond girl.
This one I had to do a double take but I eventually figured it out.
(the "not Lauren" is actually a daughter of a friend of mine...small world)

Tyler got to go on a camp-out as well.  
By the looks of it I think he had fun.

They also got to ride horses.
These boys sure got ATTITUDE!

It looks like they painted the horse first.

Hosing off.

I CANNOT wait to pick up my sweet boy from camp tomorrow.
I would like to pick up Lauren as well but I know she has another fun filled week of camp ahead of her.

In retrospect, I should have signed both of them up for the two-week camp.  I thought Tyler may have been a little too young, but taking into account his more outgoing personality he would have been just fine.

I'm still happy I get to claim my little boy tomorrow!


brian said...

Faithful reader, lousy commenter. My bad! Kids look like they having a good time.

Gloria said...

I can't wait to hear Tyler tell all about his experiences at camp. Next year - definitely will want to go for two weeks.
Hope Momma enjoyed her little test of the empty nest. But sure she is ready to get her little birdies back.