Sunday, July 7, 2013

We are Young!

Saturday, we enjoyed ourselves at a Fourth of July cook-out hosted by our friends Sean and Annie.
Since it rained so hard on the Fourth the cook-out was rescheduled for this weekend.
Luckily, it rained a little less.
hashtag: waiting for the sun!

Tyler and Lauren had a blast on the inflatable bouncy house/water slide!

Here's the gang.

This may be the first get-together that Lauren and Tyler were older than any of the other kids.
(of course, I'm still way younger than all of the

I need to hold onto this younger belief because I over-heard the craziest pre-pre-teen slang?? come out of Lauren and Tyler's mouth today:

Tyler, while playing Luna Craft:  "I don't want to agro him!" 
Lauren, while playing MineCraft:  "My iPad keeps glitching out!"

Who says that?!

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