Friday, July 26, 2013


Today we picked up Lauren from Camp Winshape and now our family is Complete.
We sure have missed our girl.

Receiving her awards from her counselor, Miss Vinia aka "Aqua"
(who Lauren believes to be a real mermaid.)
(Just ask her...she'll tell you the story.)

Family Friday Chick-Fil-A Lunch
our happy girl!

Sister and Brother reunited at last!
Enjoy these happy getting-along photos
(the fighting started in no time)

We celebrated Lauren's home-coming with a movie at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta.
We saw Turbo in 3D but the highlight was the reclining chairs in the theater.

Traffic was B-A-D after the movie so instead of heading home, we putted our way to Atlantic Station for dinner and then stopped by the X-Games free-to-the-public Raise the Bar Exhibition.
(Pole Vaulting but with Motocross Bikes.)

Matt knew this exhibition was going on because he saw the construction happen outside of his office window.

Since we walked by the sign to his office building I had to take a picture.

With that picture taken we headed back home (in still moderate traffic) to enjoy our Complete family home together at last.

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Gloria said...

Sounds like a super fun day. Hoping now for a blog about Lauren's camp experiences. Love Grammy