Monday, July 8, 2013

Magical Monday

After the Gym today (I took a 30-minute STEP class and then an hour of PUMP) we stopped by the library to return some books and check out some others.  While we were there I saw a poster saying a Magician was going to be at the library at 2 in the afternoon.

Done Deal
We went home, showered, had lunch, grabbed our friend Tera and headed right back to the library for the (free) Ken Scott Magic Show.

He was magical, quick-witted, and hilarious.

Mr. Scott in action!

Back at home we saw something quite bright and strange in the sky.
I think Lauren is identifying it as the SUN!!

We have not seen the sun since the beginning of JULY!
(I know my Oregon friends are asking, "What's the big deal, we don't see the sun for months at a time?!"  But let me tell you, my Oregon friends, a full week without sun is unheard of in the great sticky hot state of Georgia. 

(Of course while I type this blog, at 7:30pm, it's down-pouring and thundering once again.  When will it end?!?!!!!!)

Dinner tonight was Bacon-Wrapped BBQ Meatloaf from Emily Bites.
The turkey-bacon wrapped around the meatloaf looks a little strange but boy-oh-boy did it taste just right.
(pic is before I baked it for 60 minutes)
I served this with a frozen bag of mixed veggies (microwaved of course) and a choice of fruit: grapes and/or orange slices.
Matt and I loved the meatloaf, but Matt and I love just about everything we eat.
The Magical thing about the dish is that all three kids, Lauren, Tera (my honorary child) and Tyler cleaned their plates.

Magical Indeed

On the agenda tonight is to watch Ken Scott's DVD we bought at the Magic Show:
Ken Scott's Magic Tricks You Can Do!
Live From Hollywood, CA
From the World Famous Magic Castle 

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