Tuesday, April 17, 2012

not just a Weekly Menu

If you can't tell I'm in a blogging RUT.  This may or may not be due to a renewed interest in reading...which may or may not be due to a certain "Shades of 'something or other'" book I downloaded on my iPad...which may or may not have made me realize how EASY it is to download and read new books.  In the last four days alone I have read two books I am willing to admit to and also recommend.
"Still Alice" by Lisa Genova and "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" by Amy Chua.

And now back to my blogging RUT.  I have plenty to blog about since there is never a dull moment around here.  

For example, during Spring Break, the first week of April, we went to Destin, Florida.  I took a ton of pictures but it just seems too daunting a task to put them all together in a coherent blog post.  

Instead, I'll supply you with some visual proof from Destin and then our Weekly menu.  Because RUT or not we are still eating good dinners.

We stayed at the SunDestin Beach Resort.
Ideal Location!!
it went Condo room to pool to sand to Gulf
(no parking lot, no street to cross, no car needed)

We had a great time!
Day 1 had some choppy seas but L and T didn't mind.

Day 2 was a beaut!
The Gulf of Mexico is my favorite body of water.
(nostalgia says the Pacific is my second)

Weekly Menu

Monday:  Buffalo Chicken Chili, salad bar (greens & choose your own toppings,) strawberries
(recap:  awesome!  (a bit spicy for the weak of heart though))
Tuesday:  Asian Edamame Fried Rice topped with Shrimp (stir-fried with sweet & sour sauce) & fresh pineapple
(recap:  An all around family pleaser (which rarely occurs))
Wednesday:  French Onion Soup & baguette & salad
Thursday:  Two meals of Cheeseburger Lasagna, baguettes, steamed corn & ice-cream   (a neighbor recently had a baby and I'm bringing her family dinner.)
Friday:  Bunco for me = frozen cheese pizza for the hubby and kids (don't worry - they love it)
Saturday:  Pasta Primavera & l/o pizza
Sunday:  left-overs, pantry meal, or impromptu cook-out

 Hopefully my blogging RUT will ease up soon but in the meantime Buen Provecho.

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Gloria said...

Glad to hear the Pacific is still your nostalgic second choice - not to be confused with a body of water you would want to get into. Haha - It is pretty, though.