Thursday, April 19, 2012

Picture Perfect

We got the proofs from the Spring Pictures today and of course they turned out adorable.  Which means I will have to purchase them.
(ka ching)

Look at my suave smiling boy with hand in pocket.
(ka ching)

 And there's my adorably sweet girl with her hand on her hip.
(ka ching)

 And then they had the nerve (that wise money-making nerve) to pull Lauren out of class to pose with her brother.
How sweet is that?!
(double ka ching)
 I have almost two weeks to place my order.  Maybe Matt can work some overtime?  =)

Tyler's mouth has been picture perfect today as well.  He's had zingers all day and they have certainly spoken a thousand pictures.  (or something like that.)

Tyler's Awesome #1:
After school today Tyler asked me how old I was.
Tyler, "Momma, how old are you?"
Me, "34"
Tyler, chuckling, "Oh I thought you were 50-something."

Tyler's Awesome #2:
"Momma, give me FIVE, Up High" (I gave him 5 up high)
"Down Low" (I gave him 5 down low)
"In the Pepsi" (I gave him 5 in his handmade Pepsi)
"You're Sexy"

What?!  This what?! was followed by a lecture about how some words are inappropriate.  And an interrogation of where he learned this rhyme.  (Kindergarten classmates...of course)

Tyler's Awesome #3:
(while taking a bath today)
Tyler, "Momma, do you remember a long, long, long, time ago like a thousand years ago when we were at Grammy's log cabin?" (he meant MeMa and PaPa's log "cabin")
Me, "Why yes I do.  Are you remembering taking a bath there?"
Tyler, chuckling "No this was way before baths were invented."
(after that he didn't elaborate but I thought it was awesome funny enough)

I love my Awesome Tyler (and his sister as well for putting up with him.)


nicole. said...

jesus. seriously... pictures at the beginning of the year. middle of the year. sports. and then spring photos too.

of course they are always cute. thats how they getcha!

Anonymous said...

Grandma Jan loves them , I like B looking forward to some pictures :))