Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Picture Days

We've had us some Picture Days lately.

School Pictures - Spring/Summer theme
(because they think we have more money to spend)

Tyler will only wear khakis and a polo shirt for picture you better appreciate it.
-t-shirts and sweatpants (sans underwear) are the norm-

I missed Tyler's t-ball pictures due to a conflict in sibling schedules but I was able to stand behind the professional photographer for Lauren's softball pics.
(I'm sure the photographer LOVED that)

The Falcons
U8 coach-pitch softball
(Lauren is 2nd from the right) 

She could very possibly have the highest batting average on her team.
She doesn't always hit hard but she consistently hits the ball and gets on base.

After pictures it was Game Time.
Here's my girl on third just waiting to score.

Project Update:

Matt (my home improvement hero) installed a screen-door to the door that goes from the kitchen into the garage.  The kids and their friends often play outside and I like to keep my eye on them but without letting the 'dripping with humidity' heat inside.

Boy was Chloe surprised!

Chloe may disagree but I love it.

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Gloria said...

Poor Chloe, all that ingenuity and effort -- for naught. Watch out, she may learn to unlock and open the door to the deck next.

Great baseball pics - Grandpa Bob would love love love it!