Wednesday, April 25, 2012

She's Growing Up

Lauren has been on an independent streak lately.
My instinct is to lock her in her room and keep her my little girl forever but that's not really healthy for either of us right?  ...are you sure?

Currently, she insists on showering by herself, brushing and flossing her own teeth, tying her own shoes and pouring her own cereal and milk every morning for breakfast.

And just yesterday she added styling her own hair to the list.  She says two of her friends in her class make their own ponytails and she wants make hers as well.  I talked her through the low ponytail (easier with damp hair) and I think she did a mighty fine job.  We both thought it deserved a picture and documentation on the blog.
Speaking of Growing Up here's proof they really do!
(And!, if you are looking to buy a super fun toy that will be a steady companion as kids grow up than look no further than the Step 2 Sandbox.)

Lauren- 3 years, Tyler- almost 1 

Lauren- 8 years, Tyler- 6 years

I can't believe they are growing up.  This seems just like yesterday!

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