Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekly Menu and International Travel

Our weekly menu is most definitely NOT international but I thought I'd mention that I had my passport renewed and it arrived in the mail this weekend.

I got my first passport in 2001.  Matt and I went to Italy, Brazil, Canada (multiple times,) Grand Cayman Island and Mexico.  We were crazy international travelers before we were blessed with our first child in 2004.  My passport expired in 2011.

We have an opportunity to visit Montreal, QC, Canada this summer.  Matt will be working and the kids and I will be practicing our French Canadian.  Beyond Canada, the world will be our playground.  (Disney Cruise in the works and perhaps Peru? (to visit Aunt Mili's hometown))

Now we are just waiting for passports to arrive for the two DS playing rugrats below.  We sent their applications three weeks ago.

And now for the Weekly Menu:
(mostly from my Cook Yourself Thin cookbook)

Monday:  WW Asian Pork with Vegetables & rice
Tuesday:  (T-ball & Softball games)  frozen Pizza & snacks at the game
Wednesday:  Turkey Chili Crunch & green salad & chips 'n salsa
Thursday:  Mango-Glazed Salmon with Spinach Salad
Friday:  (T-ball game) cheese quesadillas & carrot sticks & fruit
Saturday:  Steak with Cauliflower "Mash" Potatoes
Sunday:  l/o or pantry meal

Bon Appetite (that's French Canadian for "eat and enjoy your dinner or there will be no dessert"...I think.)

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