Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Six Years Ago

Six Years Ago
We were blessed with a very healthy (9 lbs & 12.5oz healthy) 
and very handsome boy.
Tyler Wayne

I can't believe how little they were.
Tyler (6 days), Lauren (2 years,19 days)

We spent a week celebrating Mr. T's 6th birthday.

On his actual birthday we took the kids and a couple of neighbor kids to the park.

They enjoyed "feeding the ducks" aka "wading in the murky brown lake water."
I included a picture of Matt as well because I found it inappropriately humorous.
(creepy guy sitting alone at the park with a big bucket of cheese balls)

At home, after the park we opened up Tyler's presents from the extended family.

He thoroughly admired each gift before moving on to the next one.
After the presents were opened we enjoyed a birthday treat from the Fresh Market.

The next Saturday we had his birthday party at the bowling alley.  He only wanted to invite the boys in his class so that is what we did.  The bowling alley was pretty dark so I didn't take many pictures.  I wish I had at least gotten a pic of all the boys together but oh well.  They all had fun and thanks to the bumpers and the bowling ball ramp no one had a bad game.
All his friends signed a real bowling pin at the party and he got to take it home.
It is still on our mantle and Tyler insists that that is where it will stay.

The fun didn't end with his party.
We took his new toys home and spent the rest of the afternoon playing with them.

Tyler is one fantastic kid.  He's very bright and sees things exactly how they are.  He is never short on words and is very accurate in his descriptions.  I can see him being an engineer or an author or an author of engineering books.  =)  
I'm excited to see what the future holds for my six-year-old little man

Happy Birthday Big Guy!

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Gloria said...

Such a cute picture of Lauren and baby Tyler. So many memories in those 6 years. So proud of both of them.