Friday, January 18, 2013

Accidental Video Montage

I am getting old and/or technology is getting away from me!

So anyway...
Today I was taking pictures of our dinner:

the grown-up plate

the kid plate

Dinner was great.  The pork chops were a bit over-seasoned but cut the seasonings in half and they would be delish.

It wasn't until after dinner that Things Got Weird.

Matt, for the past week, has been working on Tyler's Pinewood Derby car for Boy Scouts.
He suggested that I take some photos of him working on the car to put on the blog.
...To show his anal retentiveness attention to detail...

Great idea.  So down to the basement I went to snap a bunch of pictures of Matt working on the car. 

After the photo shoot I down-loaded the pictures to the computer and to my surprise noticed a
(but I didn't take any video!)

Here is the accidental video montage:

Somehow my camera recorded video while I was taking pictures.
How did this happen?
What setting did I accidentally set on my camera?
Are aliens watching me?
Please tell me what happened because I'm feeling kind of old right now and that technology has gotten away from me.


Anne C. said...

I'm so surprised that Tyler's car is Minecraft! Also, what is he doing to the wheels and nails...anal retentive indeed! :-) It's going to be awesome! As for the video idea what you did!

Christine said...

Minecraft. Who Knew?! Anne, he wants me to tell you he is de-burring and polishing the nails/axles and removing the mold seams from the wheels. (I hope this makes sense because I'm still clueless.) =)

Anne C. said...

It actually totally makes sense! I think his car will surely win with a dad so aware of little details. :)