Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Earning and Artwork

We are in the testing phase of a new system to Earn extra screen time.
Lauren's teacher sent home some educational websites for her students to practice their multiplication and division.

I decided that for every 10 minutes L and T practice on the math websites they can earn 5 minutes of extra screen time to use on the weekend.
(Even though I initiated this I'm not sure how I feel about it - time will tell.)

Lauren earned 18 extra minutes for this weekend and Tyler earned 20.

Here are some pictures of Tyler practicing his addition.  He was pretty cute because when the numbers got higher he actually brought his toes out to count.  (I really wish I took a picture of that.)

He even agreed to a picture showing his face.

 After school Tyler had Art Club.
Today he brought home his artwork in a frame.
He wanted to hang it in his bedroom so he told Daddy exactly where he wanted it.
(photo by Tyler)

Looks Good Tyler.
(It's Tyler's name in cursive and its mirror image colored in with marker.  Tyler says it looks like a bug.  I say it looks pretty cool.)

And since I'm still excited about the new video/photo montage setting on my camera here's a video of our picture taking today.

(the background noise is Dr. Laura)

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