Saturday, January 26, 2013

Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby 2013

Today was the Pinewood Derby Race for Boy Scouts.
It was amazingly high-tech and superbly organized.  Our Pack is top-notch.

Inspection and Weigh-in
Tyler's Creeper car weighed exactly 5 oz just like we wanted.
(No car may be more than 5 oz.)

walking up and ready for his 1st race

On Your Mark, Get Set


at the finish line waiting for the results

 Heading back up to race again.  
(Each car gets to race 4 times, once on each track.  The final time is an average of the 4 races.)

He's got the hang of it now.

Waiting for the final results to be announced.

Tyler won 3rd PLACE for the Tiger Cubs!!!

Proud Tyler
He loves his trophy!

Next Up: The Sibling Races
Lauren with her "Steve" car

there they go!

walking back to her seat after a good race

waiting for the final results...

Lauren won SECOND PLACE in the sibling races.

She was awarded a medal engraved "Pinewood Derby - Sibling 2nd place."
She's super proud.

Lauren's awesome day didn't end at the Pinewood Derby.
Later that evening she had a basketball game and played the best she ever has.

Early in the game she was fouled while shooting so she got 2 free throws.
She made the first and here she is after sinking the second.
You can't see her because she is behind number 11 who is jumping up and down in excitement for her.

I'm totally into these video montages.  They seem like a life-like bonus to the pictures so I'm including one of the Pinewood Derby pics.  Enjoy.


Gloria said...

Congratulations Tyler and Lauren.

Anonymous said...

Great job Tyler & Lauren!