Sunday, January 6, 2013

We Have Another READER!

It seems like Lauren has always loved to read.
Her favorite game as a toddler was to go find a book and have me read it to her.
We played this game over and over and over and over and over.
She currently reads at a 4.1 - 6.3 grade level and leads her classroom in AR points.

But this post isn't about her.

It seemed to me that Tyler kind of struggled with his reading.
It was like pulling teeth time-consuming to help him sound out words.
We often got frustrated with one another just trying to make the different sounds blend into words.

...until about two weeks ago...

We went to the library to pick out some books for Christmas vacation.  I had a list of books for Lauren but I had Tyler look through the 1st-grade-level books to pick out something that caught his eye.  (I didn't want to pressure him to read but just encourage it.)

(an Elephant & Piggie book)

We went to a table at the library to read it to make sure he wanted to check it out.
Well, he read it to me and boy did he read it well.  (Thank you Mrs. First Grade Teacher!!)  We both cracked up at the book and then he asked, ASKED! to go find another Elephant & Piggie book to read.
He read me another Elephant & Piggie book and then we returned the two we read and checked out two more to read at home.

Back home he read them over and over.

Last week he mentioned "We Are in a Book" and how he wanted to read it to Daddy because he thought he would like it.  He asked, ASKED!! if I would bring him to the library to check it out.

(say no more my son!)

He wasn't with me but the next day I went by the library and checked out "We Are in a Book" and all the other Elephant & Piggie books available.

He has not stopped reading them!

 Here he is tonight reading "We Are in a Book" to Daddy.

(I added a fake straw hat because Matt didn't brush his hair today.) wink

I am in love with Elephant & Piggie books right now. 
Tyler and I highly recommend them to your 4-7 year-old readers.


Gloria said...

Good job Tyler - Way To Go!! So excited to visit and hear you read.
Love Grammy

Anne C. said...

I love them as well! I had a kiddo last year that couldn't read and he would look through them and talk to me about them. I have other kids who can read really well, and will pick them up because they are so funny. Has he seen the Pigeon books by Mo Willems? They are super fun too! I also highly recommend Scarredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt and Traction Man by Mini Grey. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Tyler!! I love reading too! I'm glad you found some books that you like! Love, Grandma Jan