Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dino Digs

Tyler received a Dino Digs set for Christmas from PaPa and MeMa.
Since it was warm outside (upper 60s the past few days) Tyler decided it was a perfect time to get to work on it.

He underestimated the amount of work it would take to carefully dig out the dinosaur bones.
Eventually he got tired so he gave his sister a turn.

 (I love this picture of Lauren with the sucker in her mouth.)

When Lauren got tired the task was handed over to Daddy.

ooh, I think I see something dino-bony

Matt didn't make it much farther but after school the next day Tyler headed right back out to work on his Dino Dig site.

He didn't finish but temps are supposed to be in the 70s throughout the weekend (I love Winters in the South!) so I'm sure he'll make some progress.

Dino Digs thoughts so far:
I love it and highly recommend it.  I like that it takes work to reach the bones.  The rock/sand goes everywhere so be sure to wear your safety glasses and use it outside.

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