Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the Calm before the Storm

The weather today is eerie.
It's humid, it's warm and it's the end of January.
Something is brewing.

It was 74 degrees at the Oriental Market when I bought Green Curry Paste for tonight's dinner.

It was 72 degrees when the kids finished their homework and went outside to play.

After jumping on the trampoline they went out front to draw a chalk neighborhood.  Then they drove their remote control vehicles all around it. 


 smile Tyler...but don't bother your sister

(here he is bothering his sister)

It was so warm today.  I hate to complain but I know what's coming.
So far we just have Wind Advisories but I hear there is a possibility of severe thunderstorms and maybe ToRnAdOs.

Whatever comes our way I'm glad we enjoyed the Calm before the Storm.

Enjoy the video montage of L and T enjoying the warm weather.

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