Sunday, January 6, 2013

LegoLand Discovery Center - Atlanta

New Year's Eve's Eve we loaded up our car with Tera, Tyler and even Mr. Mike and headed downtown to visit the LegoLand Dicovery Center.

This wasn't anything like a LegoLand theme park but more of a children's Lego museum.
We spent over three hours there and the kids had a blast.
I'd recommend it for anyone 8 and under.

Waiting to get in.
Since LegoLand is in a mall (Phipps Plaza) they only allow a certain number of people in at a time.
Big Tyler, Tera and Lauren
("medium" Tyler chose not to be in the picture)

Building their Lego vehicles

Testing them out

 Racing them
on your mark, get set, GO!

outside the big indoor playground
I didn't get a picture but they spent a lot of time in there.

The earthquake center
You build a Lego structure and then you press the earthquake button to see if it would hold up in an earthquake.

Lauren got tired so she played in the Lego "sand" box.

 Tera thought it looked like fun so she joined her.

followed by the rest of the crew

 There were also two rides we went on and a short 4-D movie we watched. 
It was a fun afternoon for sure.

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Gloria said...

That looks so cool. It looks like a good combination of educational and just plain fun. Glad you found out about it.
Can you leave the kids and go shop at Phipps Plaza? Just wondering. ;)