Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Love Tester & Turkey Lasagna

After school today Z and G came over to play with my L and T.
Z and G are a sister and brother pair as are my L and T.
They are all fast friends.
(I haven't asked permission from Z and G's parents to put them on the blog.)

Anyway...after playing on the trampoline, playing house, playing hide and seek...they finally asked to do a screen time.  The boys set the 20 minutes on the timer and hooked up their tablets to play MineCraft (of course,) but the girls chose to play on the computer.

I'm glad we have the computers set up right in the kitchen so I can ALWAYS see what they are up to.

Today they were up to the Love Tester.
You enter your name and the name of another person to see your percent match.

Both L and Z typed in the same boy's name from their class and actually yay'd and boo'd when their percentage did or didn't turn out right.   (I'm withholding said boys name because I'm baffled these girls are already paying attention to a boy.  Don't those boys still have cooties!!)

They also typed in the name of every friend they could think of.

Lauren was particularly proud of the match between her brother Tyler and her good friend Tera.
So much so she took my camera and snapped a picture.
(for reference: "Matt" and "Christine" only yielded a 70% match)

For dinner tonight we had the Turkey Lasagna from my 1000 Lowfat Recipes Cookbook.  It was only 6 WW pts.+ per serving and so tasty.  
Matt, Myself, Lauren, Tyler and Z loved it but G said he "wasn't a fan of lasagna."  He did, however, eat two bites so he could get another serving of garlic bread.
That little Turkey!


Gloria said...

You should probably move back to Oregon - I don't think I've heard of Love Tester here.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your mom's comment. I'm sure we don't have Love Tester in Idaho either!