Monday, January 21, 2013

Old Photos are Fun

I am over a year late in printing out my children's photos and today I took a couple of hours to work on them.

Perhaps I'm a year late in printing out their pictures because I often get side-tracked.
But check out what I found!!

It's my old 1999 Acura Integra.
She was such a fun car.
 Funny story about this is that when I bought the 5-speed Acura I had no clue how to drive a 5-speed/stick-shift/manual etc. etc. 

My then boyfriend (now my husband) convinced me that I could do it and that I should do it.

I did eventually learn to drive the manual transmission but on the day I purchased it I had to have Matt drive it off the lot for me.

Since he drove my awesome new car I had to drive his car home.

Unfortunately, he did not drive his Toyota TRD that day.

He chose instead to drive the '69 Caddy which he and a friend used a Sawzall to cut the top off.
Yes, I drove this baby home from the car lot.

I drove my Integra until after we were married and planning to have a family.
When I was pregnant with Lauren we traded it in for a Yukon XL (because we GO BIG!)

But, even though we were a family-oriented family I was still a hot biker-chick with leather pants and all.
(until Matt and I decided that the motorcycles needed to go until the kids were grown)

Aren't old pictures so much fun?!


brian said...

You guys always had the coolest cars I thought. Not so much the coolest leather gear though...

Gloria said...

Why don't I see a picture of your first baby - the brown 1980 Volvo station wagon? Probably trying to forget?

Christine said...

Hey Brian, that outfit upped my street cred. Mom, the Volvo was before my digital camera. If I had a pic it would have been in the post for sure. See if you can find a Polaroid of it at the house. ;)