Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Healthy Healthy Healthy

I don't make New Year's resolutions because I don't like people telling me what to do.
(even myself!)

So two weeks before the end of the year (since I don't make New Year Resolutions) I decided I wanted to lose some weight and went to the nearest Weight Watcher's meeting.

I'm happy to report that in 4 weeks (and 2 Bunkos & 1 New Year's Eve party) I'm down 8 pounds!
It's a slow process but after the first week of hunger pains and relearning serving sizes it hasn't been too hard to follow the plan.

I've always cooked almost all of our dinners (we only go out to eat once or twice per month.) 
So a simple change was to incorporate Weight Watchers friendly recipes for dinner.

My favorite places:
(If you know of others please send them my way.)

 This week, along with my favorite healthy dinner websites, I'm using my 1,000 Low-fat Recipes cookbook. (Thanks for the hand-me-down Mom!)

Tonight's dinner:
Chicken Pot Pie (9 points #)

Cauliflower Steaks (1 pts #)
I wanted to use this recipe but I didn't have the Greek yogurt to make the sauce.

Everyone liked it!
Matt, Lauren and I ate everything. Matt even exclaimed a "YuMM" during the meal.
Tyler ate all of his cauliflower steak and most of his Chicken Pot Pie.  He recently decided he doesn't like peas (probably because his Daddy has mentioned in the past that he doesn't like peas) so he left them on his plate.

I'm glad I have a husband who values family time and a home-cooked meal.
I'm glad my children are growing up with a nightly home-cooked family dinner.
And I'm glad I have a family who will try just about anything I make.
...even if it's my WW friendly, Healthy, Healthy, Healthy recipes...

The downside of cooking meals at home:
Dirty Dishes

Lucky for me, Matt will wash any dish I leave behind after cooking dinner.
Lucky for him, I try to wash them as I go.
I washed the prep dishes pictured above but Matt washed the casserole/dinner dishes.
I think we make a great team!


Anonymous said...

Good job on the weight loss. I am going to try both recipes. They sound good. I finally tried the Buffalo Cauliflower Appetizers. They were good. Michael liked it too! Jan

Anonymous said...

Cuñada...yo quisiera hacer pasar la coliflor como steak para mi adorado esposo pero temo q quedaría de adorno en el plato...one of these days i will give it a try, though. ^-^ Mili