Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First Week of February (and lots of Lauren)

After spending the last week of January waiting for my conjunctivitis to go away (to no avail) I finally went to the Minute Clinic at CVS to get some antibiotic eye-drops.

This bottle of approximately 15 eye drops and about the size of my vitamin cost my insurance more than $100.  Luckily I only had to pay $20.
They must make a killing because every other kid is getting eye drops for pink eye just about every other day.

Moving on to a less contagious topic
(unless you are looking below at Lauren's contagious smile:)

Lauren went to an American Girl Doll birthday party for her friend.
Here she is wearing her new AG dress.  Her AG doll had the same dress and I'm bummed I didn't get the two of them together.  Some day!
She had a lot of fun and all of the girls looked so pretty with their dolls.

It was a GREAT! BIG! week for Lauren.

She came home with a printout of all her 81.2 Accelerated Reading (AR) points for the month of January.  (When a student reads a book they can take an AR test and earn points.)
Not only did she earn more points than anyone in her class but her teacher even acknowledged with a note that she's "never seen this before."
Like her teacher said, "She is amazing!"

She's GREAT at reading but she's also getting BIG.
She lost her first baby molar!
And to my horror (at her growing older) she has another one that is slightly loose.
(I thought this wasn't supposed to happen until she was closer to 12.)
 (hey Oregon peeps - notice her t-shirt?)
I probably should document her frustration though.  Having lost a big old molar she thought the tooth fairy would bring her a Lego set.  I think she was less than thrilled with the (already generous!) $2 left by the fairy.

I'm sure in no time she'll be able to buy her own Lego sets because Matt and I think she may have inherited his engineering gene.  Check out this video of her invention to spin the dial in Twister Hopscotch.

This week we also got started on our school Valentine Cards.
I bought suckers and felt mustache stickers and put them together.  
(Get it?!  When the friend eats the sucker he/she will look like she/he has a mustache.)
I'll take a picture of L and T sporting a lollipop mustache soon. 

I'm going to tape the suckers to this Valentine Card.
 pretty cute, eh?

And talking about pretty CUTE
What's a post without a picture of Tyler!
The Cute-ness is killing me.
Hope you all had a great First Week of February.


nicole. said...

ooooohhhhhh i almost did those valentines.

i opted for valentine tic tac toe instead. which has turned out to be a bigger headache than i anticipated.

for the record... i was going to buy store bought valentines for braeden and amira guilted me.

next time i wont listen to her.

Anonymous said...

Criss had pink eye this week and the drops were $50 after insurance. Yikes!! Love your valentines...so cute. Congrats to Lauren and her reading and to Tyler for allowing his picture taken for the blog! G. Jan