Thursday, February 7, 2013

a little Lauren, a lotta Tyler

Lauren's latest project from Art Club is an awesome guitar made out of cardboard, newspaper, paper mache and personalized with paint.  It looks awesome and she is super proud of it.

Remember when I pulled her and her brother out of school early because of the impending Severe Thunderstorms?  Well she was in tears on the drive home because she thought she was going to miss a chance to work on her guitar.  (By the way, Art Club was cancelled that day)

Her guitar sure looks good.  And she looks pretty cute holding it, no?

So lately on this blog I've been talking about Lauren A Lot and Tyler A Little.
It's mostly because Tyler refuses to be in a picture unless it looks something like the pic below.
(almost SEVEN)
(L is almost NINE)

He's going through a stage where he doesn't want to be in any pictures for fear I'll put them on the blog.
He says, "Momma, don't put my picture on the blog!"

So, since I can't put any recent/decent pictures of him up I thought I'd reminisce and post pictures of him from the February 7ths (or so) from the years gone by.

Grab a Kleenex and let's get started.

Feb. 2007
(he's almost ONE)
(L is almost THREE)

(almost TWO)
look at those eyes!

(almost THREE)
(L is almost FIVE)

(almost FOUR)

(almost FIVE)

(almost SIX)
with Emma who is almost nine

and another from FEB. 2012
the Beast Unleashed

I can't believe he is almost SEVEN now and his sister is almost NINE.
Someone needs to tell me how to STOP TIME!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!! Lauren, your guitar is awesome! BTW, I think a Biomedical Engineer is the way to go Lauren. There are not many women engineers and anything in medicine is in demand!

When do you leave on your cruise? G. Jan

brian said...

Those kids are getting old! How are you staying the same age?