Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Code Red

At the dinner table, as usual, I asked the kids if anything special, funny, sad, scary, interesting, educational, [insert any adjective] happened at school.  I'm practically begging them to open up because they don't tell me much (unless someone broke a bone or got in loads of trouble.)

In response to my question they said the usual "No" but today it was more like a, "No...but..."
I pounced.  "But WHAT?!"
Lauren nonchalantly said they had a "Code Red" today.

I've heard of other schools in the area practicing for a "Code Red" but this is the first time L and T's school have had the drill.

I'm thinking the Mountain Dew Code Red should be the only Code Red my children ever know of but unfortunately it is not.
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The "Code Red" is the latest drill practiced in our schools in light of the recent school violence.

I asked Lauren what it meant.
"It's like when a burglar breaks in the school and you need to hide from him.  And a Code Yellow is when a parent forgets to get a visitor sticker or if a dog is loose in the parking lot.  That's happened before, you know"
Good to know.

I then asked Lauren what happens during a "Code Red."
"Well first the principal said [over the loud speaker] it was time to get ready for a 'Code Yellow' so Mrs. X locked the [classroom] door.  Then the principal announced a 'Code Red' and we had to turn off the lights and go hide where all the book bags are. ... We stayed there until the principal unlocked the door.  For like three minutes."

Tyler said his experience was about the same except he had to hide behind the book case.

I'm glad the principal and school has a plan in case of an emergency but I'm quite sad that it has come to this.

I, myself, grew up only with the Fire Drill.
Living in the South now and with the threat of tornadoes my children regularly practice a Tornado Drill in addition to the Fire Drill.
And now they have to add Code Yellow and Code Red drills to interrupt their early elementary education.
So sad but unfortunately necessary.

PS.  I promise a Cruise Re-cap Post is on its way.

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