Monday, February 11, 2013

If you give a Grammy Duck Tape...

If You Give a Grammy Duck Tape,
She's Going to Make a Wallet
(or two)

(from Boy's Life magazine, Feb. 2013)

Tyler's wallet

Wow, there's a lot of room for CASH in there.


 Lauren's wallet.

L was a great help with the Bunny Ears and Funny Faces.

You may think this is a funny face picture
but this is her Go-To face whenever she sees the camera.

The finished wallet.

She obviously LOVES it.

I only got the natural smile/giggle below
because I went against Everything I teach the kiddos and yelled out,
"Butt Nugget."

So, Grammy's pretty awesome with Duck Tape...what should we give her next?!


brian said...

Yeah, yeah, that is neat and all, but did you patch any walls with that duct tape?

Anonymous said...

We don't patch walls with Duck Tape in our house.


Gloria said...

IF I put any duct tape on the walls, I made sure to put it where Matt can't see it. HaHa
With all the colors available now - I'm feeling bad that we had the old silver kind on the wall for all those years.