Saturday, March 12, 2011

Party Time, Excellent!

Today was Lauren's Birthday Party!
We had a house full of of 7 girls and 1 boy (Tyler.)
Everyone had a great time.
We started with some free play.
(I gave Lauren the camera and I think she took the best 2 pictures of the night.)
Check out the see-through hand!
Who knew these chairs were built for three?
Soon it was game time!
Game #1: Ping Pong Hide and Seek
I wrote each girl's name on a ping pong ball and one at a time had them hide it in Lauren's room. After the last ball was hidden Lauren got to go up and seek the balls. The name on the last ball she found won a prize.
Game #2: Twinkle Toes
I split the girls into 2 groups and had everyone take off their socks and shoes. I sent one group out of the room (and out of ear shot) and had the other group lay down under a sheet with only their feet sticking out. When the other group came back in they had to guess whose feet belonged to whom. The girl with the most correct answers won. Switch and Repeat.
Game #3: Pin the Tail on the Donkey
(we all know how to play this right?)
Game #4: Pinata Bash
This was fun and dangerous and everyone loved it.
I really wish I had a picture.
After the games we ate pizza and then opened presents.

Once the presents were opened it turned into a wrapping paper destruction party.

Finally it was time for the Birthday Cake.
(only 1/4 of the cake was eaten)
After cake and ice-cream sandwiches it was back to free play for the duration of the party.
Lauren had a great time with her friends. She even lost another tooth in all the excitement. (Did you hear that Tooth Fairy?)
One party down and one to go. Tyler's birthday is in Two Weeks!
Matt's weekend project:
New Garage Door Opener

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