Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It Had to Happen

Yesterday, Lauren got in trouble at school. (a.k.a. had to pull a stick) After getting home she 'fessed up right away. Right off the bus she said, "You need to look in my Agenda!" (Her Agenda is the notebook her teacher and I use to keep in touch daily.) I looked in her Agenda and found this note from her teacher.

("Hey, Lauren had to pull a stick today because she was telling a student to take another student's supplies. She became quite upset with me and raised her voice. I talked to her about making good choices - she did settle down but I wanted you to know this happened.")

I asked Lauren about it and she insisted she did not tell anyone to take somone else's supplies. She said one of her classmates told her teacher she did even thought she didn't. I wasn't too concerned about this part of the note. I might actually believe her. However, I am concerned about the Raising Her Voice part to her teacher (and "being ugly and throwing a fit" --her own words.) We talked about being RESPECTFUL to our teachers and then I took away all Screen Time for the evening. This was DeVaStAtInG! It was so devastating that after a couple rounds on the naughty chair she fell into an exhausted late afternoon nap.

5 o'clock

and 6 o'clock

My poor girl had an exhausting day. She misbehaved, she was punished and now we are back to normal and moving on.

Today though... Today is Tyler's last day as a FOUR YEAR OLD! I can't believe it.

We celebrated by taking his blanket into Walmart after school. (When he is FIVE he must leave his blanket in the car (and eventually at home.))
He's pretty excited for this picture.
(FIVE minutes later he was ASLEEP.)

Here he is again reading books with Daddy.
Happy Day Before Your Birthday, Tyler!

I'll close with the last couple of meals we LOVED.
and tonight's,

Five Years Ago, this very evening, I was preparing for my early morning, scheduled C-Section in downtown Atlanta. My precious son, Tyler was waiting to make his earthly entrance. I love you, Tyler!

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