Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Tyler!

My sweet "little" baby boy turned 5 years old today!
When I say "little" I don't really mean "little." The boy weighed 9lbs. and 12.6oz! at birth.
(Tyler 10 mos., Lauren 2 yrs and 10 mos.)
First picture as a five-year-old.I made confetti cake cupcakes with chocolate icing to share with his Pre-K class.
They were a hit!
After school L and T played with Jake and Dylan across the street. I told them when Daddy got home from work he would come get them and then (and only then) we would open the presents.
Tyler was a BIT excited to come home!
(don't worry he looked both ways before crossing the street)

He ran in and gave me an unsolicited hug.
(this doesn't happen very often anymore)
And now for the presents!

He made quite a haul!
(He'd like you to notice the $100 bill from Great Grandpa Bob!)

Dinner was completely up to Tyler.
When asked what he wanted for his special birthday dinner he said,
"a Pine-Apple and Macaroni and Cheese."
Dinner did not disappoint.
(Annie's Mac-n-cheese is only 8 WW+ points per 1 cup serving.)After dinner we played with the new toys...
Lauren built the Lego set she chose for Tyler all by herself!
...and then we had Cupcakes!
Tilt your head and say, "Happy Birthday, Tyler!"
We Love You!!


brian said...

Happy BDay T!

nicole. said...

aw. happy birthday, Tyler.