Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday, Lauren

My little NICU baby turned 7 years old on March 11th.
(If she would have been born on her due date she wouldn't have a birthday until April 4th )
(6lbs, 1oz. born at 36 weeks)
These days she's much more interested in $100 bills than C-Pap.
(Thanks Great Grandpa Bob!)
In honor of her 7th birthday Tyler and I made her a cake while she was at school. I don't bake so this was a big step for me. I went all out and made it a double layer cake.

After cutting off the domed tops the cake ended up pretty small.
Stacked and Iced
Then it was Tyler's turn.
He added the decoration.
The birthday girl.
(the plate above the cake holds the chopped up dome pieces)
And finally, it's present time.
Tyler got her a Zhu Zhu pet carriage set.
(which he told her about before she opened it)

She also got a pink DS!
(which Tyler also told her about before she opened it)
(Word of Advice: Don't take a 4 year old birthday shopping with you.)

Remember when your Mom made you pose with each of your opened birthday presents?
(I think she really likes this Barbie DS game.)
She loves to draw.
(Art Academy)
Zhu Zhu Pets
(good thing she got a DS!)Make Your Own Jewelry Set

(not pictured: She also recieved $30 birthday money and bought herself the Zhu Zhu Pet: Carriages and Castles DS game. Thanks GG!)

I love you years strong!

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