Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Are The Odds (part 2)

What are the odds that my handsome and manly husband goes out of town and all "H" breaks loose? Turns out they're getting better and better. Remember the last time he went out of town and my first What Are The Odds post?

Well this week isn't turning out much better. Remember those tornadoes I talked about yesterday and the ones you heard about on the news this morning? Welp, those all happened while Matt was out of town. I hunkered down alone with the kiddos in the basement and protected them by keeping one eye on the TV to the right but paying attention to the TV in the middle showing Survivor. (I also kept in touch with friends via Facebook posts on my iPad. It sort of felt like a FB slumber party.)
The storms rolled in around 10pm and I stayed up until 1am following the tornado warnings until they eventually moved on. Luckily we were spared. I heard there was a wreck a few streets away due to a car losing control in the rain but that was the extent of the damage in my area. My heart goes out to those who weren't as fortunate.

Today we woke up to a beautiful sunny and warm (but not humid) day. Both kids went to school and it looked like things were on the rise. Tyler had a T-ball game in the evening and everything was going to be just fine.

or NOT!

Lauren got off the school bus and immediately ran into the bathroom to be sick. Her tummy hurt and her head hurt. While she was vomiting she was crying because Field Day is tomorrow at her school and she did not want to miss it. Bless her heart.
I made a bed for her on the sofa like I always do when L or T are sick and turned on an episode of Ruff Ruffman (which they call Ruff Ruff Man.) After 15 minutes Lauren asked me to turn it off. She then shut her eyes and tried to sleep.

My girl was really sick...but my boy still had a t-ball game in a couple of hours and as luck would have it Matt was out of town. So I sent out an e-mail to the team asking if anyone would be able to take Tyler to the game for me. (If you know me then you know how much I love to ask for help. [SARCASM])
One of the Dads called me almost immediately and said he'd take care of Tyler. He said his family planned on eating at Chik-Fil-A after the game so he'd get Tyler dinner as well. I should reconsider my aversion to asking for help. Ask and You Shall Receive.

After I shipped Tyler off to his t-ball game I focused on Lauren again. Her temperature was up to 103. Ok, now it's time to medicate. I gave her the last serving of Children's Tylenol I had in the house. What are the odds I'd run out of medicine when Matt wasn't here to run to the store to get another bottle? Luckily, my neighbor Dana (who you all know) is a nurse and she had some to give me. Ask and You Shall Receive.

Matt comes home tomorrow and he better think long and hard about ever leaving again.
He should at least consider the LATEST Odds of Something Happening. =)

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