Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday Shenanigans

I love Saturday Shenanigans. I especially love them when they involve Dave, Susan and their boys Ian and Eric.
While the children all played 'together'...
...the grown-ups got a chance to catch up. We caught up over a dinner of burgers, veggie burgers, corn on the cob, cowboy caviar (Susan will give me the recipe soon?) grilled pineapple and of course, margaritas. I'm sure the kiddos ate sometime during the evening. ;)
There was some sand play...some Kinnearing...
more specific Kinnearing info found here...
(please click on the links or the next two pictures will not make sense)

(the kinneared Susan reminds me of a character I saw in Pulp Fiction
...a Mrs. Mia Wallace perhaps?)

and an after dinner Easter Egg Hunt. time to even out the baskets Happy Easter Y'all!

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nicole. said...

oh man... you really are from the south - you said yall :)